Meet The Team

How does the structure work?

The 2022/23 Health Perspectives Editorial team involves a new collaborative structure that aims to be equitable for all team members. There are three main working groups: Senior Editors, Junior Editors, and the Engagement team. Staff are encouraged to combine efforts across initiatives and working groups.

We ensure all of our staff have a voice by holding round-table discussions and collaborative activities prior to publishing.

What are our values?

Our cohort of editors values rigorous, original student research answering the major questions in the public health field today. We serve as a platform to amplify undergraduate voices, provide educational content, and improve access to public health information.

Editor-in-Chief + Senior Editors

Typically upper-year students, our editor-in-chief and 3 senior editors act as leaders and advisors for the remainder of the team. Senior editors compile and review feedback from our junior editors to select the best possible articles to be included in the publication. The senior editors and editor-in-chief collaborate on journal concepts, future directions, and associated initiatives in the University of Toronto community.


Co-Editor in Chief
I am proud to be a part of Health Perspectives because I recognize the journal’s potential to foster change in the fields of health policy, public health, and beyond. As much as these fields have evolved in recent years, many challenges and unanswered questions remain which require inventive solutions. I firmly believe that giving students a vehicle to share their research will allow a paradigm shift in key matters of health in the future.


Senior Editor
As a double-major of the Health Studies and Ethics, Society, and Law programs, I’ve gained a holistic understanding of health promotion and its relationship to current social and economic policies. At Health Perspectives, I hope to use my interdisciplinary background to critically analyze issues that are important to the UofT community. I am excited to collaborate with students, learn about their innovative solutions, and showcase their outstanding work.


Senior Editor
I’m a third-year Health Studies Specialist & Bioethics Minor. I am passionate about the role of the social determinants of health on health outcomes, specifically, in regards to older adults. Last year, I served as a Junior Editor for the Health Perspectives Journal. For this reason, I am excited to use the knowledge and experience gained from this opportunity to join the Health Perspectives team in a leadership role. I look forward to the opportunity to work with students from diverse backgrounds to create an interdisciplinary edition of this years addition of the Health Perspectives Journal!

The Health Perspectives 2022/23 team consists of 15 junior editors, the largest number in the history of the organization. Junior editors work side-by-side with senior editors to analyze, evaluate, and select articles for the publication. Editors are held to a gold-standard, and receive editorial training from an experienced University of Toronto professor partner at the beginning of the year.

Junior Editors


My name is Grace and I’m studying Human Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, and Psychology! There are many topics UofT students are passionate about that can promote discussion in this interdisciplinary field. I joined the Health Perspectives editorial team because I hope to help students get recognized for their work in the health field that can bring change to people’s lives.


Health Perspectives is a window into the pitfalls of the many healthcare systems that exist in our rapidly changing world. Our contributors work towards highlighting where accessibility, affordability, and quality can be improved to create better health outcomes for all and I am eager to collaborate alongside this year’s team to achieve that goal!


I am thrilled to be a part of the Health Perspectives Journal, as I greatly value the perceptive ideas of my fellow peers which deserve to be highlighted on a large scale. Hearing from students of diverse backgrounds on a range of health topics, allows present issues to be viewed through a distinct lens. When provided the opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded individuals, voices can be amplified and ultimately initiate action.


I joined the Health Perspectives’ team because this journal reflects my perception on health existing beyond our biomechanical processes. Numerous health journals and related fields uphold a tendency to reduce health to solely its biological factors. However, we now realize that health is encompassed by a combination of biological and social determinants. I believe this journal will be the foundation for expediting a lens shift in health-related fields by providing students the opportunity to share their interdisciplinary perspectives on health.


I am thrilled to be joining Health Perspectives because I truly believe that the discussion of human health requires a community of diverse mindsets. Engaging students from various backgrounds into this discussion will ultimately inspire advancements in our understanding and approaches to the field of human health. I look forward to promoting and contributing to the initiative at Health Perspectives!


I am proud to be a part of Health Perspectives because I believe in the value of student research. As problems of healthcare and public health become more pressing than ever, solutions will require more time, thought, and attention than have been historically required. These should come from a variety of sources, but students in particular. Students are passionate and knowledgeable, and when given the opportunity, capable of doing great work.


I am pleased to serve as a junior editor for the Health Perspectives Journal, as I admire the body of works in which my predecessors have procured and am eager to participate and contribute to such distinction. One where equity is subsumed with topics of health, thus producing a diverse and inclusive amalgamation of research.


Hi! I’m Bella I’m a second year global health major and psychology minor. I’m looking to go into the public health field and contribute to health education and I think the principle of the health perspectives journal reflects and encourages the kind of progress I want to see. I believe that giving students a forum to share their research in a meaningful way that starts discussions within the UofT and greater community is a really big step towards informing more comprehensive and representative solutions as we move forward in public health. I’m really excited to be a part of that movement through this journal.


Hello there! My name is Chelsea, I’m a third-year double majoring in Health & Disease + Psychology. I am passionate about both the clinical and social side of health, more specifically, about how health research affects society as a whole, and working on identifying areas that need improvement to promote sustainability. For this reason, I am extremely thrilled to be a part of the interdisciplinary Health Perspectives editorial team as a junior editor this year. I always like to say that knowledge is power, but only when shared! If I’m not studying at Gerstein library or working, you can probably find me playing intramurals on campus with some friends or whipping up a nice home cooked meal!


As a Health Studies major with minors in English and Creative Expression, I understand and appreciate the importance of the Health Perspectives journal and the medium it belongs to. I am thrilled to be a member of the editorial team and to learn as much as I can, as I hope everyone who reads the journal will. I have a particular interest in learning about the social determinants of health which I believe are fundamental in health policy and public health work. Topics in Health Studies and similar fields are becoming increasingly more prevalent and I believe students’ views on these subjects will offer valuable insight and provide a gateway, especially for the new generation, to take meaningful action in addressing contemporary problems in health.


Giving students a platform to share their research and combating the idea that science journals are limited to those in that field of study is important to me, and why I joined the Health Perspectives team. A better informed and aware community is a must especially in an age where misinformation can easily run rampant and the first step is to promote and make the truth more accessible. I look forward to contributing to the journal with other likeminded students, for students, and help them get the recognition they deserve.

Engagement Team

The Health Perspectives engagement team is a new working group for the 2022/23 year. The engagement team oversees communication with the network of all students involved in Health Perspectives, including authors, editors, and readers. They are committed to making information about the publication accessible for the University of Toronto community.


Director of Engagement
Hi everyone!! I’m a third U of T student, completing a Double Major in Health & Disease and Cell & Molecular Biology. I am proud to join the Health Perspectives 2022-2023 team as the Director of Engagement. I believe that through this role, I would be able to contribute towards a platform where students are given an opportunity to share their research. I hope to engage and interact with the U of T community through this role, while contributing towards bringing a positive change in the fields of public health.


Engagement Team
Hi, my name is Huiling! I’m in my second year doing a double major in health studies and human geography. I am excited to work with Health Perspective because I believe it is important to spread awareness and allow people to have access to current and ongoing health issues surrounding us. This can help us all stay connected while engaging with the different approaches and perspectives on understanding various types of health.