Call For Submissions

Please note that Health Perspectives submissions have now closed for the 2023 year. We are ecstatic to review this year’s articles, and ask that authors be patient with our team as we do so. Authors can expect to hear back from us around the beginning of February. 

Please email us at with any questions. 

Health Perspectives, the Health Studies Undergraduate Journal will be accepting submissions for our 2022-2023 edition from November 2022 to January 5th 2023 at 11:59 PM EST. Students from all programs are encouraged to submit their work for consideration. See eligibility criteria below to start thinking about the themes and structure of your paper.  

Submission eligibility criteria:

  • Written by a U of T undergraduate student (or group of undergraduate students), interested in being published in a peer-reviewed journal.
  • Submissions must analyze the social, historical, political, and/or economic determinants of health.
  • Submissions must be less than 4000 words (not including references, tables, and figures).
  • Submissions can be from 200/300/400 level courses.
  • Submissions written in previous years of study are eligible, so long as the author(s) are currently undergraduate students at U of T.
  • Citations can follow any format (we will be changing these to Chicago eventually).

Checklist before submitting:

  • Remove all identifiable information from submitted document and its file name including your name, student number, and course code to remain anonymous (this allows us to consider all students’ work fairly)
  • Ensure that the work submitted is entirely your own and does not include plagiarized ideas
  • Authors may submit up to TWO articles for consideration
Submit via email to

(*NOTE: this email is for submissions ONLY. Email us at regarding any questions.)

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